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This is EMBERS, my spoilt little rich girl wannabe goth/punk ranger who’s biggest regret in life is not performing at the circus when she was seven. Awe, what a shame. And her bear POOH, who is an absolute arsehole.
I only really made her to finish the human story arc and get the last 10 points I need to make 6000, and to try the updates to the lower levels in GW2. They don’t seem so bad actually - in fact they seem to make a fair bit of sense for those people just starting out playing GW2, but my favourite thing so far is that rangers start with a longbow instead of a sodding axe! At last! I picked random choices for her look and was going to kill her off after I was finished, but she’s grown on me quite a bit whilst I was levelling her :D

My three wee boys. From the left:

The Littlest Nomad - the naive ranger
Nicky Two Thumbs - the cheerful engineer
Azeroth Invader - the borderline psychotic thief

There’s something about the manoeuvrability of the medium armour class combined with the snarky attitude and Yoda-like agility of the asura that I like way more than any other combination of race and class - don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of those as well, but IMHO asuran rangers, engineers and thieves are where it’s at :D

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