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- from GWI interview with aNet game designer, Jonathan ‘Chap’ Sharp. 

GWI: Many of those who played a Ranger in previous BWE’s felt like their pets didn’t provide enough damage or had a slow reaction/target time, both ultimately resulting in a lowered DPS. First, have any significant changes been made to pets since BWE2 to balance DPS? Secondly, are there any future changes expected, and if so, what do they include?

Chap: Since the last BWE we’ve improved Pet AI, and we’ve also rebalanced a lot of the pets.  Their damage should be higher than before, due to the AI changes, and a lot of them had slight tweaks to their defensive stats as well! This means we had to rebalance some ranger skills to account for the fact that their pets work now. Also, there were a number of bugs that had ranger pets stop attacking. We think we have addressed them all now.

Read the full interview here (original link from killabytes)

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